48 Must Have Items for Your Wedding Day Emergency Kit

Although we all hope that we will never have a problem on our wedding day, the unfortunate reality is that there is too much going on for something not to go wrong. Instead of stressing, why not be prepared?

These kit contents are good for any bride to make sure to pack up and bring on the day of the wedding. It also makes for a great day of gift from mom or the maid of honor! Just put the items in a cute little bag and you are good to go!

This emergency kit could help you get out of just about anything…except maybe a speeding ticket. So don’t do that. 🙂


Keep a couple of nips on hand in case you need a little liquid courage before you recite those vows. 🙂

Aspirin, Allergy, and Antacid Medicine

Headaches, allergies, and tummy aches are a common ailment at weddings. Make sure to have the proper relief on hand.

Baby Powder

Baby powder actually helps with a couple of things. It absorbs moisture so you can wick up some of the sweat you are oozing out for summer weddings. It also helps underarms to keep from chafing on your wedding dress.


The last thing you want to do is bleed all over your wedding dress when you get a cut.

Blotting papers

These handy buggers will help to blot the oil sheen on your face without taking off your makeup so you can be more photogenic. And we all want that!

Bottle of water

With all the running around, you can easily get dehydrated, especially in the summer heat.

Breath mints/spray

Be sure to have these handy since you will be kissing your honey all night long! Also, be sure to take one right before walking down the aisle so you are fresh and clean when you meet up with your man.

Bug spray

If you will be outdoors, even just for pictures, be sure to have this with you so you don’t have to be annoyed by the buzzing around your head or have swelling itchy bites bringing down your night. Be sure to grab unscented.


Because you just never know when you might need a couple extra bucks to get you out of a bind…or get that candy bar out of the vending machine that is suddenly the only thing that matters right at that moment.


This actually works as an amazing cover up in case you get a stain on your dress!


This can come in handy, even if you are getting your hair professionally done, to smooth in some of those stray hairs.

Contact solution, extra contacts, and a contact case (if applicable)

You definitely don’t want your whole day to be blurry because you had a problem with your contacts!

Corsage pins

I cannot tell you how many weddings I have been to where there are no corsage pins. This seems to be a very commonly forgotten item and I have seen my fair share of people running around like crazy trying to figure out how to pin them on without them (its not easy). Don’t let this happen to you!

Dental floss/toothpicks

The last thing you want is something stuck in your teeth as you are trying to talk to family and friends. Or worse yet, when you are taking pictures!


In case someone forgot to put it on in the rush of the morning, or if you are just sweating through it.

Eye drops

Don’t let dry eye or allergies get you down!

Extra earring backs

Actually a common problem.

Extra undergarments

Just in case.

Granola bars or other snacks

Being hungry or light headed is never a good thing!

Hairpins/ponytail holder

Chances are, if you are getting your hair professionally done, you will have a ridiculous amount of bobby pins in your hair. Which means you may have some key ones fall out. Have some extras just in case.

Hair spray

For those pesky fl yaways that want to keep coming out throughout the night.

Hand towelettes

So you can clean your hands from any sticky, messy situation you might be in. I mean, you just had to have that key picture that had you grabbing that sticky tree, right?

Hem tape or white duct tape

For any of the ladies or gents that might end up with a hem ripped out right in the middle of the festivities.

Lint roller

This is actually more for your groom and his groomsmen to get all those tiny white specks off the dark suits.


For any touch ups. You always want to be picture ready!

Matches or a lighter

For helping to fix frayed ribbons. Seriously!

Mini sewing kit

You never know when a button may pop off or a seam may rip!


So you can actually see when you are touching up your makeup.

Nail file and nail polish

Be sure to bring clear as well as the shade you are wearing. That way you can touch up any polish chips or runs in stockings that you may have.

Pen and paper

In case you need to jot something down quick. Or better yet, if you want to send your groom a love note!


Self explanatory.

Phone charger

Also self explanatory.


In case you have some dry patches. This can also help with fly aways if the hair spray isn’t doing a good enough job.


This will help touch up the eyeliner or mascara smudges.


Believe it or not, I have known a bride that has forgotten to shave her legs…and promptly did it in the sink!

Safety pins

An invaluable tool for so many possible things. The uses for safety pins are literally endless.

Small folding scissors

Basically because they are easier to carry then large scissors, and scissors are always useful.

Smelling salts

Ok, so people really do faint. Be prepared.

Foot/Blister treatment

We have all been in a situation before where we get blisters and are completely miserable all day. Do yourself a favor and bring this so you can at least get some relief. Also, be sure to break in any shoes you will be wearing well ahead of your big day.

Spot remover

In case the chalk doesn’t cut it with a stain.

Static-cling spray

This is a little more for the bridesmaids who tend to have clingier dresses. You don’t want them riding up during a dance!


So the bride can still drink without messing up her lipstick!


Make sure you grab unscented so it doesn’t stink. This is important for outdoor weddings, especially if you will be out taking pictures for a long time. There is nothing worse than getting baked like a lobster right before your honeymoon.

Super glue

This can fix pretty much anything that may unexpectedly come apart.

Tampons/sanitary napkins

Also self explanatory.


Even if they are just happy tears, they will still mess up your mascara if you don’t keep them under control.

Toothbrush and toothpaste

If you forget to brush in the morning, breath mints are not going to cut it. Pack this in your kit just in case. The morning is so hectic it is easy to forget!


Another useful tool in case you missed a stray eyebrow hair or if you get a splinter from that gorgeous rustic barn door you made for your backdrop.

Over to you…

Do you know of other items that could be useful for wedding day blunders? Be sure to post below to help out your fellow brides to be!

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