20 Adorable Photos That Will Make You Wish You Had Your Dog at Your Wedding

When it comes to photography on your wedding day, brides are constantly trying to plan ways to make sure they get the perfect snap shot of something memorable. Something they can show their friends, family, and children for years to come that makes them stand out long after their actual day.

If you have a pup, you may not have even thought of bringing them along on your wedding day. I know I would not have thought of it. But aren’t they part of the family too? Don’t they deserve to get a family photo like all the others?!

Now, if your dog is a complete misfit, this may not be such a good idea. The last thing you need is another piece of the pie to stress you out. But if you have a well trained pooch, here are some awesome ideas for how to capture a photo with them on your wedding day.

Note: Some of these snapshots may also work for an engagement shoot!

I’m with you mom

These shots are all about the bride and her best friend on her big day.

Beautiful bride in a hedge garden with her black and tan dog german shepard mix

This beautiful photo with the bride and her dog gazing at each other is so lovely. I love the secluded environment in the hedge garden and the greenery. The bride’s dress also looks amazing!

Bride laying in a field from above with Huskie or Samoyed

I always love bridal photographs from above when the bride lays down and fans her dress out around her, but this takes it to a new level. This beautiful American Eskimo Dog laying in a field with this gorgeous bride on her wedding day is so dreamy!

Bride putting on her wedding shoes with yorkie

How cute is this Yorkie? I love the way this photographer captured this bride’s best friend laying in front as she gets ready and puts on her shoes.

Bride sitting on staircase looking at her grey Cockapoo dog

This photo is amazing. This adorable Cockapoo gazing up at his mom looks as if he is giving her his best wishes just before her wedding. “I am still yours mommy. And will be with you always.” I even love the angle on the stairs gazing up from above. Incredible!

Bride kneeling and kissing white dog

This is one of my favorites. This looks so natural and yet so ethereal and gorgeous. I love this bride’s hair and dress with its lace, which seems to go perfectly with her cute as a button white pup! Sealing their love for each other with a kiss just seems so right!

chihuahua sleeping on wedding gown with bride

This adorable chihuahua is curled up on mom’s wedding dress. Weddings are definitely tiring, even for the furballs!

I can hold a sign too!

Another completely amazing way your pup can be involved in your wedding is by having them hold a sign! This can also work great for an engagement session. There are so many signs that would work for this, so be creative!

small white dog holding sign for wedding "My mom & dad are getting married" with bride and groom fee in background

This small white furball is almost too cute with his “My Mom & Dad Are Getting MARRIED” sign.

Yorkie holding sign "Love is All Around" for wedding

Yorkies are so easy to dress up! This little ‘flower girl’ is hold a sign “Love is all around” in front of mom and dad’s wedding arbor and is also in an adorable little dress!

Let’s go for a walk

For a more natural looking photo op, why not just go for a walk with your puppy? You can really catch some amazing photos in nice secluded and breathtaking environments this way!

Bride and groom kissing in winter wedding with snow and 2 white eskimo dogs. Huskies, Samoyed, American Eskimo

Another one of my favorites. This photo is straight out of a winter wonderland! I love the white husky dogs that are absolutely gorgeous standing beside the bride and groom in this wooded, snowy shot. And doesn’t the couple look so in love?!

Bride and groom walking through woods with dog

The bride and groom walking together through the woods from the back with their arms around each other is always going to be a lovely shot. Add a dog gazing up at them with happiness and love in their eyes? Golden moment.

Bride and Groom walking basset hound dog through field

Or take a walk through a field! This shot truly is so natural, but the silhouette against the sky makes it special. A basset hound leads the way while this bride and groom holds hands. You can feel the movement!

Playing dress up?

Ok, I don’t care who you are…you have to admit that dogs look so cute dressed up! Not only would this make a golden photo opportunity, but it would make your guests ooo and ahhh all day long!

Yorkie dog in white flower girl dress for wedding

This cute Yorkie dog is the cutest flower girl ever in her white gown!

Small dog running in tuxedo for wedding

This is such a great shot with this dog running towards the camera in his adorable tuxedo! Need a best man? Just call Spot!

Pug in bow tie for wedding with bride and groom feet

This sweet doe eyed Pug is amazingly adorable in his bow tie standing in front of mom and dad. He would make a really sweet ring bearer!

It’s all about the rings!

Having your furball pose with your rings is a fun and unique way to show them off! Just don’t let them lose them!

shih tzu dog with wedding rings

This Shih Tzu pup has saucer eyes! Just kidding, she is posing for a quick photo with the bride and groom’s wedding bands. 🙂

Large dog holding wedding rings on paw

There are so many “detail photo” ideas out there. Have you seen this one before? Having the wedding bands placed on your dog’s paw is truly special!

I’ll stand watch…

Some cute pics of the pups posing as watchdogs over their masters. Or maybe just watching guests do funny things…hard to tell. 🙂

Bride and groom with arbor and 2 large dogs standing watch

This shot shows off a beautiful arbor with the bride and groom, yet it is all about the dogs in focus in the front of the picture. I love when photographers put certain elements of a scene in or out of focus…makes for such a dynamic photo!

Golden dog with bride's shoes for wedding

Chew mom’s shoes? I think not! I am standing watch over them!

Over to you…

Do you have an adorable doggy photo from your big day or engagement session? Be sure to post in the comments below so we can showcase your awesomeness!

Dog's paws with bride and groom feet for wedding photo

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