9 Stunning Ways to Have Wedding Shoes That Aren’t Beige, White, or Ivory

There are plenty of things to consider when planning your wedding, but one of the really fun things (besides cake tasting) is picking out your wedding day shoes.

Many people only consider possibilities with their shoe style such as heels vs. flats, but what about shoe color?

Bright colors that pop underneath those white and ivory dresses are in right now and I am loving it! There are so many possibilities with this trend and it allows you to put some personality and pep in your step. It also makes for a great photo op!

Have fun looking through these 23 amazing photo ops that showcase the bright colors that other ladies have incorporated into their weddings.

1. A Pop of Bright Color

A solid pop of a bright or jewel toned colored shoe peeking out from under your dress might be all you need to show some extra pizzazz. Although I recommend it going along with your wedding in some way, you have a lot of options. It can be a main color or an accent color of your wedding. Or, it can be totally different as long as it is complimentary!

I always thought red heels were super sexy, confident, and powerful anyways, but put them with a wedding dress and they are unstoppable.

This bride actually not only decided to go with a bright cobalt blue heel, but she also matched her shoes with her groom’s pant color in such an exact way that this photo literally made me stop and go “Wow, now that is awesome.”

Purple just so happens to be my favorite color. And these peep toe high heels are just a downright awesome contrast under this bride’s white gown. The bow on top gives them a nice pretty edge.

Yeah, girl! Way to go outside the box! For both comfort and style try this awesome tennis shoe look. Both the bride and groom chose to go with the stylish tennis shoes that really work well in this ensemble. The teal of the bride’s shoe looks awesome mixed with the orange of her shoelaces, which also corresponds nicely to the groom’s tan shoes.

2. It’s All About Sole

So technically the shoes in this picture may be white, but the pop of color underneath on the soles totally means this pair of shoes makes this list. The hot pink sole of these shoes paired with the sparkle on the heel is an amazing way to show your color.

Imagine walking down the aisle and having this beautiful punch of color making an impression on your guests as they gaze upon you from behind. Ok, so I’m getting a little wistful as I am wishing I could find a great pair of shoes like this for my wedding!

This bride’s secret message on the bottom is a fantastic way to bring not only some color to her soles, but an endearing statement as well. Get creative with your own message!

I absolutely LOVE this option. From the top, these shoes are a nice, neutral tan color. Take a look at the heel or the platform, however, and you have a orange / red hue that is just amazing. I think the picture speaks for itself with how awesome these shoes are, don’t you?

3. Match Your Shoes With Your Flowers

This bride chose to go with a bright pink flower, but a pale pink shoe and it is just lovely. With rose quartz being the Pantone color of the year for 2016, this beautiful look would be perfect for a spring or summer wedding. Brides really are pretty in pink!

This bride has varying shades of lilacs, lavender, and other purples in her bouquet, so she just had to pick the hue that she wanted for her shoe. These adorable suede pumps match this bouquet just beautifully and will look so pretty under her dress for a nice spring look.

4. Match Your Shoes With Your Groom’s Shoes

I have to admit, the really bold colors are my favorites and this cobalt blue look is to die for. This bride paired her pretty blue strap back heels with her groom’s bold blue shoes that are a perfect cross between a casual tennis shoe and a polished dressy look.

Isn’t this adorable? This couple not only decided to match in the color of their shoes, but they matched in every way by choosing the same exact shoe! Converse shoes are all the rage right now and this matching look with a red casual shoe just looks so cute.

5. Match Your Shoes With Your Groom’s Socks

Does your groom want to stick with a traditional dressy shoe, but he is willing to go just a little different with you? Here is the way to go! Colorful or even patterned socks for the groom and his groomsmen are very in right now, so why not mix this trend with a colorful shoe as well? Pull the dress and pant legs down, and no one would see it, but pull them up and surprise! A red color pop is great for a sexy look, or a winter wedding, or both.

I am not sure how long this bride had to search for the exact match of this amazing teal / turquoise color. However, the match between her sexy platform high heels and her groom’s socks peeking through his dark pants and shoes is such an awesome contrast that you can’t help but do a double take and wish you had thought of it first.

6. Pretty Patterns

This is one of my favorite looks. This bride found the prettiest floral print shoes in varying shades of orange, pink, coral, and greens. Be aware, it won’t be easy to find the perfect pair of patterned shoes that will go with a bouquet as perfectly as this bride did, but I have faith in you! (Also, her bouquet is gorgeous with it’s maroons, red, pinks, corals, and greens!)

Do you have a nautical theme? This navy blue striped heel would go perfectly with a seaside affair. Even if you don’t have a themed wedding, this look is almost too cute to pass up!

So we haven’t really shown any flats on this posting, but rest assured, you can get away with a similar color look using any flats as well! I just love how this bride took a white ballerina flat and made her own sentimental design by writing the date of the couple’s engagement as well as the date of their wedding. You just gotta love this personal touch!

7. Match Your Shoes With Your Bridesmaids

This bride chose to add a pop of red to not only her own ensemble, but also to her bridesmaids. Since all of their shoes are an exact match, it just gives a perfectly polished look. Although the sound of a purple dress with a red shoe sounds crazy on paper, the picture tells a different story because I think this look is sophisticated, pretty, and posh all at the same time! 

There a couple of ways you can match your shoes with your bridesmaids. You can either match your shoe color altogether (as is above) or….

…You can match with your bridesmaid’s dresses!

8. Mismatch With Your Bridesmaids

These bridesmaids are mismatched all over the place and it is awesome! Mismatched bridesmaids are completely in right now, and brides choose to do it in various ways. This look has a similarly toned teal, emerald, or turquoise dress across the board, but all the girls got to wear a completely different style. This look gets tied together with the matching length as well as the matching bouquets. In addition, the bridesmaids all picked their own shoes which are all differing styles and colors. And yet, it just works!

Or you can start with the blank slate of a white or black bridesmaid dress, and make your colors with your shoes and bouquets! This look shows a pretty pale yellow, mint green, coral, and sky blue. The bride matched the shoes with the bouquet for each bridesmaid to give a unique rainbow vibe and sharing her creativity with the world!

With rustic or barn weddings being a huge trend right now, you can’t write a post about wedding shoes without cowboy boots. These pretty pale yellow dresses look perfect with these varying shades of brown cowboy boots, giving this wedding the ultimate mix of country and pretty.

9. If all else fails…

Go barefoot! No one will judge, it’s your day! Ok, some people may judge (because just about every wedding brings out judgmental people), but who cares! Also, aren’t these pale pink, peach, and and coral flowy mismatched dresses amazing?

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