35 Gorgeous Braided Wedding Hairstyles

Braids can help you do so many hairstyles on your wedding day, from classic updos with a modern twist, to boho and romance, to faux curls, to half up styles. They are so versatile! I have spend many hours pouring through 100s of videos and pictures to get you this ultimate list of gorgeous braided hairstyles. This post will show you a collage of various styles perfectly suitable for your wedding day, and they all have braids!

Did you want to try to do your own hairstyle on your wedding day? In addition to inspiring pictures, I have also researched and found some of the best braided bridal hair tutorials.

I hope all brides are able to find something inspiring, helpful, or just plain interesting in this post. Enjoy!

This mermaid style braid is so elegant and romantic. Feel free to add flowers, jewels, or other accessories to make it even more swoon worthy.


Did you want to try to do this style yourself or have an awesome friend do it for you? Here is a fantastic tutorial for a mermaid braid done by Confessions of a Hairstylist!

I absolutely love how this style uses the texture of braids above the bun on the crown. It works perfectly with the large curly textured low bun. Also, aren’t these flowers so pretty?

This style is so romantic! It is perfect for a boho or rustic bride. This half up style uses fishtail braids in sections to add a unique and beautiful look to this bride’s ensemble.

Believe it or not, after some searching I was actually able to find this amazing bohemian look for you to try as well! Here is a great tutorial video from Alex Gaboury.


Here is a polished updo that is given loads of texture by braiding the hair and wrapping it into a large bun. These braids give this bun a curled look without the curls!

This voluminous braid reminds me a lot of the Elsa braid! Who doesn’t want to look like a Disney princess?


Speaking of the Elsa braid, here is an Elsa braid hairstyle tutorial by MakeupWearables Hairstyles!


This “crown” hairstyle can make any girl feel like a princess. If you have a dress with a neckline that you really want to show off, this is a great way to do it. This particular halo braid was done using the french braiding technique.

Looking for something fun, unique, and whimsical? Look no further than adding flower braid into your wedding day look.


I couldn’t find a tutorial video I liked that showed the flower braids done as a full updo, so I included this video showing a half do instead from Annies Forget Me Knots. It is the best video that shows how to conduct the technique and it gives you a different way to wear the look. Win win!

Here is another look using flower braids in a half up style, only there are two flowers and they are off to the side. So many options!


Here is another curly textured look that embraces glam and romance. The side swept curls that hang down in the front are very trendy and beautiful, giving a soft frame for the face. Although the styles giving the crown its texture aren’t braids per se, they are woven loops that give a similar appearance.

This fishtail braided updo is so modern and unique that people will be looking closer and wondering, how did she do that?

Here is a video from Abellas Braids showing the technique of doing a simlar fishtail updo. For this one, I would definitely recommend having a friend help out!


The asymmetrical look of a curly side bun is all the rage right now and this gorgeous hairstyle adds a twist with a small headband braid. I love how it is a subtle addition and yet it adds so much. I also love how it disappears under the side swept bang. This is definitely a winner!

Incorporating a lace braid (half french braid) into an updo is a huge trend and I am loving it. Isn’t this style gorgeous?


Here is a wonderful tutorial from MakeupWearables Hairstyles showing how to do a very similar romantic updo for your wedding.

I had to include this style very similar to the lace braid look previously shown. The difference is that it incorporates a full french braid into the style. The texture and curls are so beautiful!


Here are more fishtail braids that twist and turn in all sorts of directions to give another modern and unique hairstyle for the bride that does not want to look like everyone else!

One of my favorites! This is such a romantic and trendy style that could pretty much go with any bridal style from bohohemian to glam to classic to whimsical. The hairstyle for every bride!


Here is a way to make a similar twisted wedding hairstyle brought to you by Aurora Braids.


Yet another asymmetrical look with this very loose one sided french braid. The curly ponytail can either stay in the back or be brought to the front giving any bride the versatility she deserves.

I absolutely love waterfall braids. If you are looking for a half up look or know you want your hair hanging loose with gorgeous curls, this is the perfect way to add a little intricacy and flair to your hair.


SweetHearts Hair Design shows you how to do a waterfall braid for your wedding in this tutorial video.

A very boho look. Flowers, curls, and a braid, oh my!

So this may remind you of Heidi, but these milkmaid braids are back in style and are gracing all the editorial magazines. Once again, they give a very boho look (very in right now).


In addition to being beautiful, Alex Gaboury also shows us how milkmaid braids are also quite simple! Here is a great tutorial video for the DIY bride!

Try to play around with braids! This look involves taking various braids and twisting and turning them around to get and intricate style that would be uniquely yours!

A very loose and textured fishtail braid is placed over the top of this messy bun to create a wonderful updo for this bride.

Here is a similar look from Missy Sue showing you how to make a fishtail bun updo. If you want a look more similar to the picture above, simply do not pull the fishtail braid apart quite a much.

This classic braided updo simply involves standard 3 stranded braids that are criss crossed over each other. Although relatively simple compared to the other styles in this post, it gives the perfect base for incorporating flowers, jewels, or other accessories into your hair for a lovely wedding day hairstyle.

This beautiful classic updo involves a low messy bun with a classic braid laid over the top of the bun for a beautiful detail that gives the bride a little extra oomph.


Although this is not quite the same look, I felt this elegant and classy hairstyle deserved to be shown. This tutorial video by SweetHearts Hair Design shoes a smother chignon bun instead of a messy bun and it pulls the braid out more. Therefore, it gives a completely different look and it is gorgeous!

Our last picture shows a high updo, but the real reason this deserves a spot on this list is the braid framing the bride’s face. Unlike the other braids in this post, it actually comes forward from the hairline instead of backward giving a modern vibe to this bride’s hairstyle.

Over to you…

Which hairsyle or tutorial video is your favorite? Do you plan on incorporating a braided hairstyle into your wedding? Post in the comments below!

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